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                                                                                                                                   November 21, 2000

                                                LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION

         It is my utmost pleasure to introduce xxxxxxxxxxxx, a senior year student of the Department of Chemical Engineering, yyyy college.


I first came to know xxxxxxxxxxxxx when I supervised his Heat Transfer Laboratory ( 0-0-6) course in his junior year. The first thing that struck me during this course was his ability to extend the concepts that he had learnt in the theory course and apply them in practical situations. He displayed remarkable ability to work as part of a group. His performance was reflected in his grade, which was the highest in the class.


As part of the Industrial Pollution Control ( 3-1-0) course this semester, I have seen that he is an earnest and hardworking student, preparing thoroughly for each and every class. He shows an enthusiasm to learn as much of the subject matter as possible. His diligence is also evident in the excellent marks he has obtained in the mid term examinations. It is a delight to have a student like him in my class.


I was also part of the panel for xxxxx’s industrial training evaluation. I was very impressed by the projects that he did in the short span of 2 months during which he worked as a summer trainee. His work, no doubt, reflects his ability to use his chemical engineering knowledge in practical situations. He presented a seminar on Effect of extrusion parameters and their effect on extruded HDPE filaments, which was the topic of his work during his summer training. His presentation was very good and he displayed strong command over the English language and excellent communication skills.


xxxxxx is without doubt one of the best students I have ever come across and I would easily bracket him in the top 1% of all the students I have taught in my career, spanning 35 years. He has always shown that he has what it takes to pursue a career in research and he would undoubtedly be an ideal graduate student, just as he has been an exceptional undergraduate student.


             In addition to his academic achievements, xxxxx has impressed me with his disposition. He has a very pleasing personality, and can work very well in a team as I noted in the laboratory. Without any reservations, I recommend that Alhad be considered favorably for admission to your university with full financial aid.


I wish him all the best for all his future endeavors.                                                                                    



                                                                                                                                                                               ( Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxxx  )

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