I with immense pleasure recommend Mr. Baskar Dinesh to your esteemed organization. I have been associated closely with him for three years. I always truly enjoyed the sessions I had with him during these three years. Having handled various core subjects in Chemical Engineering as Heat Transfer, Process Calculations and Process Equipment Design, I can say that Dinesh is a student who has immense potential. He startled me with his ability to grasp the subject with ease.

I also would like to list his academic achievements as no mean feat. Staying in the top 5% in the class & also associating with various different extra-curricular activities shows his capability in managing himself. He has excellent communication & interpersonal skills which makes interaction with him a pleasure.

Having also handled lab courses I found his ability to relate the experimental data with the theoretical assumption. Fascinated by various concepts he on his own interests went through various books to understand the subject better. He has been a secretary in organizing ‘Pansophy’ a national level technical symposium. He also is a member of various organizations as IIChE (Indian institute of chemical engineers), ACT (Association of Chemical Technologists). I also happen to know that his knowledge in computers is highly commendable. He has created a niche for himself in this department. He is one person who is in good books of all the teaching staff in our college because of the above stated credentials. I also strongly endorse this opinion.

I assure you he is in the Ivy League of students I have been associated with for the past six years. I strongly recommend him to your graduate degree program at your university with all possible financial aid.

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