One persons visa interview experience


                                   I was interviewed by a thin chap with a 'budding' frenchie who didn't smile too much. Here's how it went...(S is me, V is the visa man)... took about 5 minutes...                                                                             

S: Hi

V: Hi

(Looks at I20)


V: Which univ are you going to?

S: UT Austin

V: Why that particular univ?

S: Good reputation, seniors and Profs said so...

V: So what kinds of work will you are doing there?

S: In Aero (immediately v looks up and starts paying attention).. Will be developing                                       

computer programs to study air-flow past wings and other aircraft surfaces.

V: Does this involve military aircraft?

S: (This qn came as a surprise) Not specifically no,it is more of a theoretical study


V: Theoretical (nodding), how do you plan to fund yourself?

S: I have aid in the form of a research assistantship


V: What are to be your duties as an RA?

S: Along the lines of the work I will be doing


V: Can you be more specific?

S: (I repeated same definition, put slisha jargon)


V: Tell me something about your family.

S: Parents in Bangalore, blah blah


V: What do your parents do?

S:(told him)


V: Do you own a house in Bangalore?

S: yes


V: How did you come to Chennai today?

S: By train (I was wondering why he was asking such questions)


V: What are your plans after completing your studies?

S: Come back and teach at one of the IITs (he seemed to be frowning) or IISc which is in

Bangalore (at this he seemed convinced)

V: Suppose you get an offer to work in NASA to design new space shuttle, will you take it?

S: (Second unexpected question) Right now, what I want to do is to finish my studies then come back and teach (He thought for a couple of seconds.. I was trying to looked 'relaxed' ad 'confident')


V: What was your percentage in college?

S: I am from IIT, we don't get percentages, and my CGPA is                                                                        

Then he went through my DS forms and said OK, and I asked him if I got it, and he said yes. I hope my friend who was in the line behind me (the same interviewer) also got his visa... he might have had similar questions to tackle.

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