Electronics and Communication Engineering/Statement of purpose-2


                                    A comprehensive knowledge of the basics and perspicacious thinking are the assets of a good researcher. Fortunately, throughout my life as a student, I had the opportunity to build up my knowledge of the basics and develop keen thinking. The vibrant and competitive environment in which I was nurtured, coupled with the high emphasis given to Applied Sciences at high school predisposed me to pursue higher studies in Engineering. It fostered in me the ardent zeal to learn. Having undergone a comprehensive undergraduate course in Electrical Engineering, I aspire to undertake graduate studies to deepen my knowledge in the field of my passionate interest and contribute to it. Since I find Signal Processing, and Information and Coding Theory fascinating, I am looking forward to pursue research in ******UNIV******* in these fields.

         Mathematics is one area that has always fascinated me right from my school days. In high school, I was really astounded by the confluence of Mathematics and Physics involved in solving everything from how a car brakes to how to launch a satellite. When I was in high school, this blend of Mathematics and Physics was appealing to me. In the later years of my schooling, I became more interested in electrical circuits and electronics, and the mathematical methods involved in solving them. After high school, my choice was, naturally, an undergraduate course in Engineering.

        Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) is one of the finest engineering schools in Asia. Unfortunately, I did not get an Electronics and communication Engineering admission in IIT-M. I joined IIT-M as a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate. Since I had an exceptionally high GPA at the end of my first semester, I was given the option of switching to Electronics and communication and it was a dream comes true.

In my sophomore year, I was introduced to the techniques of solving circuits using transform techniques like the Fourier Transform and the Laplace Transform. Signal transformations and their applications in Electronics and communication were beginning to interest me. In my junior year, I took up courses like Principles of Communications and Digital Signal Processing. My enthusiasm for signal transformations was transformed into a passion for Signal Processing at the end of my junior year.

          Besides the coursework, I engaged myself in projects and research work during the summer breaks at IIT-M. My first project was on developing a reference model for detecting faults in transformers during impulse tests. In this project, I learnt how a fault in the system that could not be detected in the time domain, could be very easily detected in frequency domain. Though I had no formal training in signal transformations at that time, I developed some enthusiasm for it.

             My second project in IIT-M was on analyzing multi-rate speech coders. This project exposed me to one of the practical applications of Signal Processing. Microphone array processing was the third project I worked on in IIT-M. In the course of this project, I learnt how a plurality of microphone and signal processing techniques could be used to minimize the noise in a speakerphone. At the end of this project, I was so excited about Microphone Array Processing that I took this topic as my undergraduate project work and thesis.

         Information and Coding Theory is an area that I was introduced to only recently. I am currently doing courses in Error Control Coding and Information Theory. My interest in these two fields is mainly due to the rich and elegant mathematical theory behind them. My interest in these highly mathematical topics is augmented by their expediency in real life situations like data transmission and compression.

My principal area of interest is Signal Processing. Information and Coding Theory is another field that fascinates me. My enthusiasm for these areas has motivated me into applying for graduate studies. My goal is to acquire in-depth knowledge and do significant researches work in these areas. Making worthy contributions to these fields is my dream.

I find the ****ECE/EECS***** department of *****UNIV********, with its highly active eminent faculty and its vibrant academic atmosphere, ideal for accomplish my career goals. Besides, my academic interests match with those of many of the faculty in *******UNIV*******. Being brought up in a highly competitive academic environment of IIT-M and with my fundamentals in place, I am confident that I would be able to fulfill the challenging academic requirements of *******UNIV******* and actively participate in its research work.

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