Computer Science & Information Technology/Statement of purpose-2


                                           The burning desire to be at the zenith has been the driving force throughout my career. Fascinated by computers since my childhood, I set my sights on becoming a computer engineer. The journey to the top is a hard fought one and all through the years of my study I have been in earnest pursuit of my goal with unwavering verve, commitment and sincerity. The first step in this regard saw me take computer science as my core subject in my high school and then following it up with an undergraduate course in Information Technology at one of the prominent institutions in the country.

I have excelled in academics. My noteworthy semester marks stand testimony to that. I firmly subscribe to the view that computer awareness plays a vital role in every form of knowledge acquired.  To inculcate this faculty in myself, I underwent a two-year course at National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) in Operating Systems, Programming Languages and several software. I decided to further my rudimentary knowledge in hardware by undergoing a one-month program at C.I.T.

The fields of study I would like to channel my efforts are basically Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing. I undertook these courses during my undergraduate study, which saw me getting familiar with the fundamentals. Then followed several seminar presentations in college on myriad topics such as Pipeline and Vector Processing, SIMD Computer Organizations and Multiprocessor Architecture and Programming.  My desire to delve deep into the core of these subjects has goaded me on to achieve higher levels of accomplishment and is not deterred by minor setbacks.

I have also shown active interest towards Artificial Neural Networks and am currently pursuing my project titled “Character Recognition using back Propagation Algorithm implemented with Neural Networks.”  I have chosen Neural Networks for implementation due to their considerable efficiency with regard to recognition of different patterns. Patterns of various characters are being recognized by training the back-propagation algorithm. The input to the algorithm is the binary representation of the patterns and the resulting output is the representation values of each alphabet. My project is being done under the guidance of my H.O.D. and Senior Lecturer.

Life teaches us a new lesson everyday and I firmly comply with the fact that learning is effective only if it is interactive. Graduate studies at the esteemed universities in the United States is a dream come true for every aspirant and I hope to make this dream a reality by gaining admission and working under your tutelage. I have gone through the web pages and have come to understand that the University of Cincinnati offers excellent research facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. These have spurred me on to become a part of this distinguished team. The eminent list of faculty members (such as Fred.S.Annexstein Ph.D., Jerome L. Paul Ph.D.) who have done considerable research in my areas of interest have all give a fillip to my goal of pursuing my studies at your university. The impeccable academic reputation, diversity and ambience I am sure would make me feel at home.

I am now foraying into the vast ocean of Computer Science and my career is clearly is in its formative years. I hope to transform it into a success story by availing the solid education and able guidance of your illustrious institution. This, I am sure would go long way in helping me achieve my career goals and objectives.

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