Computer Science & Information Technology/Statement of purpose-1

"Success belongs to those who aspire great"


        The burning desire to be at the zenith has been the impetus throughout my career. I have always nurtured a strong passion to become a scientist and pursue a career in teaching and research. I was fascinated by the pocket video game in my childhood. I used to consider computer as just a superior invention to the pocket video game. It was not until I bought a personal computer at home that I began to look at the invention beyond just its entertainment value and seriously consider computer science as a core subject for my college education and pursue a research career in it.


       I have always excelled in academics. As a student with keen interest in Mathematics and Physics, I was able to secure First Rank in my High School in the Higher Secondary Examination with a score of 96.1%. (My natural flair for mathematics and physics saw me top higher secondary exams with an aggregate of 96.1% beaten to the first by just .875 % out of 1,25,000 students) This excellent performance combined with remarkable score in the Engineering Entrance Examination,(coupled with my passion for engineering studies) secured me a merit-based admission in the prestigious University of Madras with Computer Science and Engineering as my discipline. During my undergraduate studies (education), the dedicated effort and hard work secured me a place among the top 4 in my department. My noteworthy semester marks stands testimony to that. I also secured First Rank in the Fifth semester of my undergraduate study and was awarded with cash prizes.


       My deep interest for research work in computer science stems from a natural aptitude for logic and mathematics. My (the) undergraduate preparation at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering has given me a very substantial knowledge of the basic areas (say fundamentals) of Computer Science. I have completed various mini (term) projects both out my own interest and also as a part of my undergraduate course. I also contributed for the college attendance utility software. My skill in programming, understanding the algorithms and in implementing it was recognized when I was selected to represent my college in ACM Intercollegiate Programming Contest 2001 held at IIT Kanpur. (Say I played a imp role in developing dept pages and I am maintaining them & now say attendance etc…) always expand IIT they know only in full name ok va …(indian ins.of tech)


        Of the many fields in the computer science, I am especially interested in computer systems. Within this field, I am interested in computer networks and operating systems. My junior seminar work, my practical training and my courses have given me plenty of exposure to these areas and I feel that I have sufficient motivation and aptitude to work in this field. The evolution of the Internet has been the motivation and inspiration for me to pursue a research work in the field of Networks. After learning the basics of networks through my courses, I spent my semester holidays effectively by learning about the various Network Architectures, their design and the protocols to be followed under the guidance of my Lab Administrator. I also worked as an Assistant lab Administrator in both Linux and windows platforms during that period. This has given me a great exposure to the practical aspects of Networks.(say My experience as a RA saw me imbibe the Intrigues in various lang such as Linux , etc)  


         I have initiated myself for a project work, which deals with the design issues of various layers of Networks and in enhancing the control of the network administrator through a more secured channel. As a part of my project work, I had several discussions with Dr.Hemamurthi of IIT Madras regarding the design issues and in automating them. I have also had a good deal of teaching experience through various seminars, which I have presented during my undergraduate studies. Routing Algorithms, Deadlocks and Congestion Control Algorithms are a few noteworthy mentions. This experience convinced that I have the communication skills and the ability to explain things precisely to become a teacher.


         Graduate studies at the esteemed universities in the United States is a dream come true for every aspirant and I hope to make this dream a reality by gaining admission and working under your tutelage. I have selected University of Maryland as the place for me to continue with my education because I found that the Graduate Program in Computer Science suited my needs perfectly. I have found the University of Maryland Computer Science Department faculty and the research being carried out in Computer Systems, especially in Networks, to be very impressive. I feel that to be associated with this group for the many years of my Ph. D. would stand me in good stead for my research career. I have also been impressed by the computing facilities available at Maryland for research and education. These are much superior to those available to a graduate student in India. Taking all these factors into account, I feel that University of Maryland is the perfect place for my graduate studies and I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to the ongoing research work at the University.


          Graduate studies at the esteemed universities in the United States is a dream come true for every aspirant and I hope to make this dream a reality by gaining admission and working under your tutelage. When  I  had  to  choose  the  right  place  for  my  graduate study , UMCP attracted  my  attention  because  of  the excellent  reputation  of  its  CS  Engineering   program . I  feel  that  the  wide  range  of  well  equipped  research  centers  and  facilities at  your university  will  definitely  provide  the  stimulating  environment  that  I am  looking  for . The  eminent  list  of  faculty  members(PUT NAMES IF U WANT)  who  are  doing  considerable  research  in  my  areas  of   interest such as (PUT U R INTEREST) has  spurred  me  on  to  become  a  part  of  your  distinguished  team  and  have  all  given  a  fillip  to  my  goal  of  pursuing  my  studies  at  your  university .


       I am now foraying into the vast ocean of Computer Science and my career is clearly in its formative years. I hope to transform it into a success story by availing the solid education and able guidance of your illustrious institution. This, I am sure would go a long way in helping me achieve my career goals and objectives.


                                                                                                                                                    (Kripa Shankar)


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