This is one the hottest topic in the Southern part of India.
There is lot of commotion, since a claim by an actress called Jayamala (Kannada Actress), that she entered the sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala and touched the feet of Lord Ayyappa.  Simultaneously, an Astrologer called Mr. Panickar (Yes! the Same man who is the consultant for Madame Jaya!) claimed that he diagnosed this through the Kerala’s famous “Prasannam”. He claims that Lord Ayyappa is angry and the reason is because of the above incident of a lady touching the lord’s feet.

On reading the above, I could not stop from laughing.  The reason is that both the claims seems to be very hallowed and makes one wonder whether is it done with collusion and ulterior motive.  I feel that after playing politics all along with the earthly beings, Mr. Panicker finally started to play with Lord himself.

Let me tell you why I suspect the above.

I myself have gone to Sabarimala for almost 9 years (Between 1981-1989).  The temple Sanctum Sanctorum has been constructed in such a way nobody could enter the place without any help from inside.  After climbing 18 steps (“ Pathinettu Padigal”) even if there is no crowd, you have to go through an ornamental gate and then stand near the barricades placed on both the side of the some Small three steps to Sanctum Sanctorum.  These small three steps leads you in to a very small entrance which is about 5 feet in height and about 2 to 3 feet in width, through which even the male members have to go with some difficulty.  Apart from all these things, the main deity is kept some 5 feet away from the entrance and it is impossible by anybody to touch even if they climb the three steps, which it self not possible.

So under these circumstances, how come somebody could touch the deity, just because somebody pushed them from behind?  The lady herself accepts that there were so many crowds. In that case, then how come nobody noticed Madame Jayamala? 

The story is too much fanciful. I think that Mrs. Jayamala attained more popularity from this than by her acting career.

Now every one enters the fry.  One guy claims from Kumbakonam that he used to come to Sabarimala with his own deity and it was this deity that Mrs. Jayamala touched.  Amazing story!!! Why he brought his own deity? Doesn’t he believe the original deity?  Or is he trying to transfer the power from the original to the other? How he was able to take his idol in to the above sanctum sanctorum?  Hey what is going on here? God only knows!…or Does he?

Now two States are at loggerheads.  Namboothiris, Tanthris, and Panickers are making the claims and counter claims. Too much time and money is wasted in this episode.  The Kerala police is sending an officer to Bangalore, who is turned away by the actress.  Kerala Police should be doing more pressing duties than this. That is solving crimes.

I think where ever Mr. Panicker enters; there is plenty of controversy. So is the name ‘Jaya’.  No.. I was only joking about the name.
Why god should be angry?  Does it mean god is not god and he is also like us. Because, emotions are supposed to meant for mortals.  More over, no body understood why ladies were not allowed in that temple.  If it is meant only because of the nature’s biological act then we should ask why god created them in that way.  Then he is prejudiced.  No. I am sure it cannot be.

If Ayyappan is angry because a lady has touched his feet, then what he did when he was brought up by a lady (Pandalam Queen!). If lady should not come to sabarimala, then why there is a temple in that site for “Maligaipurathamman”. So the claim is rubbish. God is for everybody. HE IS THE OMNI PRESECE AND OMNI POTENT.

My view is that these restrictions were formed ages ago when Sabarimala was a dense jungle without roads and modern way of transports.  So is the many rituals in that temple.  But these rituals and the restrictions are being very cleverly maintained and exploited by a very small group of people, who hi-jack the temple and enjoy the immense wealth, which goes with the temple. So is the case of many hindu temples.

This is not the way to promote Hinduism.  It is high time that we start questioning many of the aspects of religious activities, claimed to be traditions.  Unless, we question, understand and make necessary changes as the time goes by, we have no chance of moving forward. 

This is not new. Time and time many people in our Hindu religious history, many people like Adisankara, Ramanuja etc, always challenged the traditions and blind beliefs. This only did good for the Hinduism than keeping things closed, which will only make things worse. 

As far as I saw in 1989, Lord Ayyappa has left Sabarimala long time ago. Thanks to his devotees..


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