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"NPTEL" is National Programme for Technology Enhanced Learning, which is an initiative by the IITs and IISc.Btechguru.com/Bodhbridge is involved in the distribution of NPTEL material.

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Online Purchase of NPTEL Material and other Products/Service :

You agree, understand and acknowledge that Btechguru.com provides an online platform for purchase of NPTEL materials and other Products/Services, a venue enabling the Users to buy any product listed on Btechguru.com at the price indicated in connection with the product in question and/or any other terms and conditions indicated therein at any time from any place. You further agree and acknowledge that the NPTEL Material and other Products/Services sold on Btechguru.com have their own copyright agreements or other terms and conditions and you are bound by such terms when you purchase them.

Suspension due to non-compliance with Agreement:

Notwithstanding other legal remedies that may be available to Btechguru.com, Btechguru.com may in its sole discretion limit User activity by immediately removing User listing either temporarily or indefinitely or suspend or terminate User membership, and/or refuse to provide User with access to the Site:

  • If the User is in breach any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and/or the Terms of usage of Btechguru.com;
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