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Chapter 1: Converting Direct into Indirect Speech
3. Changing Direct Into Indirect
1. Changing Direct Into Indirect
2. Changing Direct Into Indirect
Indirect Speech
Questions In Indirect Speech
Direct Objects And Indirect Objects
4. Changing Direct Into Indirect
Chapter 2: Reporting Orders, Requests, Suggestions
Reporting Orders, Requests, Suggestions Part1
Reporting Orders, Requests, Suggestions Part2
Reporting Orders, Requests, Suggestions Part3
Commands In English
Chapter 3: Reporting/Indirect Speech
9. Reported Speech (using Infinitives For Questions)
1. Reported Speech (intro)
2. Reported Speech (reference Words)
9. Reported Speech (imperatives/ Reporting Verbs)
3. Reported Speech (changing Verbs)
4. Reported Speech (changing Verb Tenses)
5. Reported Speech (with Modals)
6. Reported Speech (with Conditionals)
7. Reported Speech (yes-no Questions)
8. Reported Speech (wh- Questions)
Reported Speech (imperatives/ Reporting Verbs)
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