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Electronics & Communication Engineering  Coding Theory
Title: Coding Theory
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
Author: Dr. Andrew Thangaraj
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Course Objective:

To provide an introduction to traditional and modern coding theory. Topics covered include linear block codes, cyclic codes (BCH and RS codes), convolutional codes, turbo codes and low'density parity'check (LDPC) codes.


Part I: Basics and Algebraic Codes.

Linear Block Codes: Generator and parity'check matrices, Minimum Distance, Sydrome decoding, Bounds on minimum distance.
Cyclic Codes: Finite fields, Binary BCH codes, RS codes.

Part II: Coding in digital communications.

AWGN channel: BPSK modulation, Capacity, Coding gain, ML and MAP decoders, Soft'versus hard'decision decoding.
Convolutional Codes: Encoders, Trellis, Viterbi decoding.

Part III: Modern iterative coding.
Turbo codes: Encoders, interleavers, turbo decoder.

Low'density Parity'check Codes: Ensembles of LDPC codes, Message'passing decoders, Threshold phenomenon and density evolution.
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