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Electronics & Communication Engineering  Digital System design with PLDs and FPGAs
Title: Digital System design with PLDs and FPGAs
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
Author: Prof. Kuruvilla Varghese
University: IISc Bangalore
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Design: Hierarchy, controller (FSM), case study, meta'stability, synchronization, FSM issues, timing issues, pipelining, resource sharing.
VHDL: Different models, simulation cycles, process, concurrent and sequential statements, loops, delay models, library packages, functions, procedures, synthesis, test bench.
PLD: SPLD and CPLD architecture, timing, applications.
FPGA: Logic block and routing architecture, Virtex'II, Stratix architectures, constraints, STA, case study.
Hardware'software co'simulation, bus function models, SoPC.
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