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Aerospace Engineering  Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion
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Title: Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Prof. A M Pradeep Prof. Bhaskar Roy
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Introduction to Propulsion :
The making of thrust to fly ' science and history of propulsion; How the jet engines make thrust : conceptual basis; Jet engine : Turbo'jet, Turbo'fans, Turbo prop, Turbo'shaft.
Thermodynamic basis of Propulsion devices :
Basic concepts ; System'Boundary, Surroundings; State, Stable Equilibrium, State Co'ordinates and parameters, Extensive and Intensive Parameters; Energy interactions, Work and Heat transfers, Equilibrium, Quasistatic and Reversible process, Non'equilibrium and Irreversible Processes; Zeroeth Law and Temperature, First Law and Internal Energy; Second Law ' Entropy and Absolute Temperature; Third Law and Absolute Entropy.
Thermodynamics of simple compressible systems, State postulate, Fundamental Representations, Thermodynamic Potentials; Jacobean and Legender Transformations ' Maxwell s Equations, Derivation of thermodynamic properties. Applications: Closed and open systems, Polytropic processes, Cyclic process ' Carnot’s cycle; Gas and vapour power cycles; Mixtures of gases and vapours, One'D compressible flow, isentropic flow, flow with friction and heat transfer, supersonic flow and normal shock.
Piston –Prop Engines for Aircraft:
The Otto cycles; IC engines for aircraft application Reciprocating engine performance; Supercharging and Performance enhancement; Propeller fundamentals & Theories.
Ideal cycles for Jet Propulsion.
Introduction to Missiles, Rockets & Space Propulsion.
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