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Management  Organisation of Engineering Systems and Human Resources Management
Title: Organisation of Engineering Systems and Human Resources Management
Department: Management
Author: Prof. Vinayshil Gautam
University: IIT Delhi
Type: WebLink
Abstract: (a) Course Design Rationale
The Rationale and objective of the course is to impart to the senior undergraduate engineering student:
an understanding of the theory and principles of Organisation of engineering systems & Human Resources Management.
the ability to perceive issues from an overall management perspective.
the means to analyse developments in an organisationís systems, functioning and capabilities.
the means to effectively understand organizational functioning and its human elements.
the ability to become a performance'oriented manager of systems.
( b) Course Outline
Introduction to the subject and the course
Module A: Basics of organisations and human resources management
Understanding organisations
Concerns of organising engineering business and systems
Structure and process issues in running organisations
Design issues in running organisations
Operating organisations
Module B: Effectiveness and performance
Cybernetics and systems framework
Socio'technical systems
Dealing with efficiency and excellence
Man'machine relationship
Longitudinal Thinking
Module C: Human elements of functioning organisations
Concerns of recruitment, selection, skill formation and redeployment
Developing teams and leadership
Understanding motivation
Elements of human resources planning
Indian Industrial Law and managing industrial relations
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