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Computer Science and Engineering  Introduction to Computer Graphics
Title: Introduction to Computer Graphics
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Author: Prof. Prem K Kalra
University: IIT Delhi
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Course objective

To introduce students to the basics of computer graphics.
Prerequisites: Basic programming, Data structures and Basics of linear
algebra and matrices.
Course contents
Graphics display devices, Input devices, Rendering pipeline, Raster
Graphics: Line and Circle drawing algorithms, Windowing, Clipping: Cohen and Sutherland line clipping, Cyrus'beck clipping method, 2D and 3D Geometrical Transformations, Viewing Transformations: parallel and perspective projection, Curves and Surfaces: Cubic splines, Bezier curves, B'splines, Tensor product surfaces, Surface of revolution Sweep surfaces, Fractal curves and surfaces, Hidden line/surface removal methods, Illumination model, Polygon Shading: Gouraud, Phong, Introduction to Ray'tracing, Animation.
Lecture Outline with topics (and no. of hours)
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