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Mechanical Engineering  Robotics
Title: Robotics
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Prof. C.Amarnath ,Prof. B.Seth ,Prof. K.Kurien Issac ,Prof. P.S.Gandhi ,Prof. P.Seshu
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink

Module 1: Introduction (3 hrs)
Brief History, Types of robots, uses of robots, Present status and future trends in robotics, Overview of robot subsystems.

Module 2: (3hrs)
Issues in designing and controlling robots: resolution, repeatability and accuracy, transmission, Robot configurations and concept of workspace, Mechanisms and transmission.

Module 3: Robot Anatomy 1: End effectors and actuators (3hrs)
Different types of grippers, vacuum and other methods of gripping. Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators.

Module 4: Robot Anatomy 2: Sensors and controllers (4hrs)
Internal and external sensors, position, velocity and acceleration sensors, proximity sensors, force sensors, laser range finder, camera. Micro'controllers, DSP, centralized controllers, real time operating systems.

Module 5: Task specification (3hrs)
Point to point and continuous motion specifications for typical applications, joint interpolation, task space interpolation, executing user specified tasks

Module 6: Robot analysis 1 (3hrs)
Position and orientation of rigid bodies, spatial mechanism description, Denavit'Hartenberg notation, homogenous transformation.

Module 7: Robot analysis 2 (3hrs)
Forward and inverse position analysis, velocity mapping, static force analysis, singularities, acceleration mapping.

Module 8: Robot control (4hrs)
Independent joint control, PD and PID feedback, actuator models, nonlinearity of manipulator models, issues in nonlinear control, force feedback, hybrid control

Module 9: Motion planning(3hrs)
Obstacle avoidance, configuration space, road map methods, graph search algorithms, potential field methods.

Module 10: Robot vision 1 (3hrs)
Camera model and perspective transformation, image processing fundamentals for robotic applications, image acquisition and preprocessing.

Module 11: Robot vision 2 (3hrs)
Segmentation and region characterization, object recognition by image matching and based on features, Problem of bin'picking.

Module 12: Futuristic topics in Robotics (3hrs)
Micro'robotics and MEMS (Micro electro mechanical systems), Fabrication technology for micro'robotics, stability issues in legged robots, under'actuated manipulators

Module 13: Case studies (4 hrs)
1. Robot in assembly (Puma)
2. Mobile robot (Nataraj)

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