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Civil Engineering  Advanced Foundation Engineering
Title: Advanced Foundation Engineering
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Dr. Kousik Deb
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink

The course "Advanced Foundation Engineering" will cover various aspects of foundation engineering including soil exploration, details of shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls.
The soil'foundation interaction will also be discussed along with the numerical solution techniques of beams and plates resting on elastic foundation bed.
The behavior and design methods of foundation on reinforced earth will be discussed.
The advanced theories and design of various foundation components will be discussed in logical way.
The earth pressure theories for designing the retaining walls will be discussed.
The codal provisions of the design of various types of foundation will also be discussed.
The number of chosen problems will be solved in this course.
The advanced course material will be very useful to undergraduate and post'graduate students, teachers and practitioners.
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