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Management  Organisation Management
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Title: Organisation Management
Department: Management
Author: Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee
University: IIT Kanpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: (a) Course Design Rationale

The Rationale and objective of the courses to impart to the student:

An understanding of the theory and principles of Organization Management and the resulting ability to practice effective and pragmatic management.
The ability to perceive issues from an overall strategic organization management perspective.
The means to analyse developments in an organisation’s macro environment in the order to enable the organization to take advantages of changing opportunities.
The means to effectively understand the organization problem and harness resources to achieve the objectives of the organization and its members.
The ability to become a performance'oriented change agent.

( b) Course Outline

Introduction to the subject and the course
Module A: Introduction, majors schools of thought and theories
Introduction to organizational management, nature , scope and complexity
Longitudinal thinking and legacy factor
Theory and majors schools of thought and framework of organizational analysis
Systems contingency approach to organization theory and practice; techniques of organizational diagnosis
Theory of organizational structures – nature and consequence of structure
Module B: Impact of structure, organization change and intervention strategy
Socio'culture dimension of work and behavior
Impact of Environment and cultural variables on organization structure & Style
Organization change & Organization development
Intervention strategies for organization development ' Individual, Group & Interpersonal Interventions
Total System Intervention & Stabilizing Change, MBO
Module C: Environment Analysis & Impact: Automation, Interdependence & Evaluation Issues
Nature of Organizational Processes
Environmental analysis Techniques & impact for organizational growth
Issues of Mechanization, Automation & Computerization
Organization Interdependence
Organization Evaluation.
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