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Electrical Engineering  Circuit Theory
Title: Circuit Theory
Department: Electrical Engineering
Author: Prof. S.C.Dutta Roy
University: IIT Delhi
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Review of Signals and Systems (2 Lectures)

Network equations (1 Lecture)

Step Impulse and Complete Response (1 Lecture)

2nd order Circuits (1 Lecture)

Transform Domain Analysis (1 Lecture)

Network Theorems and Network Functions (4 Lectures)

Tuned Circuits (5 Lectures)

Two'port Networks (9 Lectures)

Elements of Realizability Theory (2 Lectures)

Positive Real Functions (3 Lectures)

L C, R C and R L Driving Point Synthesis (4 Lectures)

LC 1'port and 2'port Synthesis (2 Lectures)

Properties and synthesis of Transfer Parameters (1 Lecture)

Resistance Terminated L C Ladder (3 Lectures)

Network Transmission Criteria (1 Lecture)
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