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Chemical Engineering  Particle Characterization (PG)
Title: Particle Characterization (PG)
Department: Chemical Engineering
Author: Dr. R. Nagarajan
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink

This advanced course in “Particle Characterization” deals with methods and techniques for quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating properties of single particles and particulate assemblies. Emphasis is on the fine-particle size range, from micrometers to nanometers. Particle characteristics are linked to relevant applications in industry. Transport properties, adhesion/ cohesion phenomena and surface-particle removal mechanisms are dealt with in detail.


Introduction: Need for studying particle characteristics; Typical industrial applications; emerging nano-particle technologies; microelectronics applications.

Single Particle: Concept & Definition; Particle Surface; Surface-Fluid Interactions; Sub-Surface Region; Internal Grain Boundaries; Interior of Particle; Size; Shape.

Particulate Assemblies: Description & Properties; Statistical Concepts; Mean Diameters & Shape Factors; Distribution Functions & Models; Surface Area & Specific Surface Calculations.

Fine Particle Characterization: Size Analysis & Sampling; Shape Determination Methods; Pattern Recognition & Feature Extraction; Particle Signature & Meloy Equations; Property Representation.

Physico-Chemical Properties: Visual Appearance; Absorption; Electrical Properties; Transport Properties; Adhesion & Deposition; Removal from Surfaces; Magnetism; Thermal Conductivity; Aggregation, Coagulation & Restructuring; Chemical Properties.

Applications: Dust Explosions; Dust Flame Propagation; Health Hazards; Deserts & Sand Movement; Hazard Potential of Heat-Transfer Fluids; Atmospheric Aerosols; Nano-technology.

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