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Ocean Engineering  Marine Construction and Welding
Title: Marine Construction and Welding
Department: Ocean Engineering
Author: Prof. N.R. Mandal
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink

Introduction to ships & offshore structures; Characteristics of shipbuilding industry; Structural Requirement - Longitudinal strength, Transverse strength,Torsional strength, Local strength; Framing system / stiffening arrangement - Longitudinal framing, Transverse framing; Basic structural components Stiffeners,Longitudinal, Transverse, Girders & Transverses, Hatch side girder, Hatch end beam, Stringers, Brackets;

Structural sub assemblies - Flat stiffened panel, Curved stiffened panel,Floors - Longitudinally framed, Transversely framed; Bulkheads - Transverse water tight bulkhead, Non water tight bulkheads, Flat stiffened bulkhead, Corrugated bulkhead; Decks & shells;

Bottom shell, Side shell, Inner bottom plating; Structural assemblies -Double bottom construction,Wing tanks & duct keels, Fore & Aft end construction, Midship sections of various ship types - General cargo carrier, Bulk carrier/OBO, Container ship, Oil tanker, RO-RO ship;

Structural alignment & continuity: Steel material preparation - Shot blasting, Acid pickling; Plate & Section forming - Mechanical methods, 3-point hydraulic press, Universal press, Line heating; Plate cutting Mechanical, Thermal - Oxy-fuel, Plasma; Fusion Welding & Power Source; Welding parameters and their effects;

Fusion Welding Methods MMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, Electroslag Welding, Electrogas welding; Single side welding; Solid state welding - Friction stir welding; Welding distortions; Distortion prevention; Distortion mitigation; Welding defects; Nondestructive testing
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