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Aerospace Engineering  Aero elasticity
Title: Aero elasticity
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Prof. C. Venkatesan
University: IIT Kanpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Course outline:
Aero elastic Problems.
Deformation of Structures and Influence Coefficients.
Energy Method.

Classification and Solution of Aero elastic Problems.
Static Aero elasticity.
Divergence of 2'D airfoil and Straight Wing.
Aileron Reversal.
Control Effectiveness.
Wing loading and deformations.
Swept Wing.
Module 4
Dynamic Aero elasticity.
Dynamic/Flutter model of 2'D Airfoil.
Module 5
Unsteady Aerodynamics.
2'D and 3'D Supersonic flow.
Subsonic flow (Kernal Function Approach).
Theodorsen Theory.
Finite State Model.
Flutter Calculation.
U'g Method.
P'k Method.
Exact Treatment of Bending ' Torsion Flutter of Uniform Wing.
Flutter Analysis by Assumed Mode Method.
Module 7
Panel Flutter.

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