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Aerospace Engineering  Aero elasticity
Title: Aero elasticity
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Prof. C. Venkatesan
University: IIT Kanpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Course outline:
Aero elastic Problems.
Deformation of Structures and Influence Coefficients.
Energy Method.

Classification and Solution of Aero elastic Problems.
Static Aero elasticity.
Divergence of 2-D airfoil and Straight Wing.
Aileron Reversal.
Control Effectiveness.
Wing loading and deformations.
Swept Wing.
Module 4
Dynamic Aero elasticity.
Dynamic/Flutter model of 2-D Airfoil.
Module 5
Unsteady Aerodynamics.
2-D and 3-D Supersonic flow.
Subsonic flow (Kernal Function Approach).
Theodorsen Theory.
Finite State Model.
Flutter Calculation.
U-g Method.
P-k Method.
Exact Treatment of Bending - Torsion Flutter of Uniform Wing.
Flutter Analysis by Assumed Mode Method.
Module 7
Panel Flutter.

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