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Electrical Engineering  Power Systems Operation and Control
Title: Power Systems Operation and Control
Department: Electrical Engineering
Author: Prof. S.N.Singh
University: IIT Kanpur
Type: WebLink

1) Introduction (Characteristics of Modern Power Systems) (3'4 lectures)
Physical Structure
Operation and Control Functions and Hierarchies
Design and Operating Criteria

2) Equipment and Stability Constraints (12'15 lectures)
Capabilities and Constraints of Generators/Exciters/Turbines/
Network Elements (Lines, Transformers etc.)
Constraints of Energy Supply Systems
Load Characteristics
Introduction to Angle/Voltage Instability phenomena
Stability Constraints

3) Frequency and Voltage Control (15 lectures)
Primary Control of Frequency : Governors
Secondary Control of Frequency : AGC
Voltage control : Automatic Voltage Regulators (generators),
Shunt Compensation, SVC
Introduction to Power Flow Control : HVDC, FACTS
Load Curves
Unit Commitment Introduction to the use of Optimization Methods

5) Load Dispatch Centre Functions (3'4 lectures)
Contingency Analysis
Preventive, Emergency and Restorative Control

6) Additional Topics relating to new developments (3'4 lectures)
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