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Metallurgy and Material Science  Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication
Title: Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication
Department: Metallurgy and Material Science
Author: Prof. Parasuraman S
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: The present course on Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication is designed to develop an understanding of the materials, devices, and processing techniques used in the current semiconductor industry. The course is geared towards advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a background in Metallurgy, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical engineering.
The course provides the students with the basic physics behind semiconductor materials, types of semiconductors, and the reason for the dominance of silicon in the electronics industry. The course also covers the basics of devices with emphasis on their electronic characteristics. Optical devices like LEDs, lasers, solar cells, will also be explained. The current manufacturing processes in the silicon based semiconductor industry, starting from silicon wafer production to final IC (integrated circuit) development, will be explained. The focus will be on industry challenges during miniaturization and the role of materials in overcoming the challenges. Along with the lecture notes there will be problem sets to help enumerate the concepts clearly.
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