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Aerospace Engineering  Gas Dynamics
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Title: Gas Dynamics
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Dr. T.M. Muruganandam
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Review of Fundamentals: Concepts from Fluid Mechanics, Basic Thermodynamic Relations

Compressible flow: Concept of Waves in fluid, Mach waves, Compression waves, Expansion waves

Basic Flow features: Isentropic flow, Shock waves, Stationary and Moving Shocks, Oblique Shocks, Bow Shocks, Expansion Fans

Example flows: Flow around bodies, Shock expansion method for flow over airfoils.

Flow Through a nozzle: Convergent Nozzles, CD Nozzles, Exit Pressure variation vs Stagnation pressure variation.

Oblique shock wave reflections, Jet flows Under' and over'expanded flows Shear layers

Other Non'isentropic flows

Flow with Friction, Friction choking

Flow with heat addition, Thermal choking

Supersonic combustion

Experimental Methods

Shock Tube, Supersonic Wind tunnel, Flow visualization, Supersonic Probes.

Methods of characteristics. Design of nozzles, External flow around bodies

Experimental characteristics of airfoils in compressible flow.

Unsteady flows.
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