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Aerospace Engineering  Flight Dynamics II (Stability)
Title: Flight Dynamics II (Stability)
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Dr. Nandan Kumar Sinha
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink

Airplane nomenclature and aerodynamics, Review of basics of rigid body dynamics, Concepts of static and dynamic stability, Need for stability in an airplane, Purpose of controls, Inherently and marginally stable airplanes,Longitudinal and Lateral directional static stability.

Stick Fixed: Basic equations of equilibrium, Stability criterion, Wing and tail moments, Effects of fuselage and nacelles.

Effects of c.g.location, control effectiveness, hinge moment, tabs, aerodynamic balancing, Power effects.

Stabiliser setting and c.g.location, Elevator effects, Stick fixed neutral point, Determination of neutral points and maneuver points in flight tests.

Stick Free: Hinge moment coefficients, Stick free neutral point,symmetric maneuvers, Stick force gradients and stick force per g.

Dihedral effect, Coupling between rolling moment and yawing moment, Adverse yaw, Aileron power. Aileron reversal. Weathercock effect, Rudder requirements. One engine inoperative conditions, Rudder lock.

Equations of motion, equations of motion of a disturbed aircraft, aircraft dynamic modes and stability criterion,Stability derivatives, Control derivatives, Routh's discriminant, solving the stability quartic, Phugoid motion, Factors affecting the period and damping.

Dutch roll and spiral instability. Longitudinal & lateral directional dynamic modes. Effect of maneuvers, Airplane response to atmospheric and control inputs,Introduction to flying qualities and stability augmentation Systems. Aircraft autopilot design using classical control theory. Introduction to nonlinear problems in aircraft flight dynamics.
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