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Chemical Engineering  Process Integration
Title: Process Integration
Department: Chemical Engineering
Author: Dr. B. Mohanty
University: IIT Roorkee
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Process integration, a part of Process Intensification, is a fairly new term that emerged in 80 s and has been extensively used in the 90 s to describe certain systems oriented activities related primarily to process design.
It has incorrectly been interpreted as Heat Integration by a lot of people, probably caused by the fact that Heat Recovery studies inspired by Pinch Concept initiated the field and is still core elements of Process Integration.
It appears to be a rather dynamic field, with new method and application areas emerging constantly.
The Process Integration is defined as "systematic and general methods for designing integrated production systems, ranging from individual processes to total sites, with special emphasis on the efficient use of energy and reducing environmental effects".
This definition brings Process Integration very close to Process Synthesis, which is another systems oriented technology. Process Integration and synthesis belongs to process systems engineering.
Process Integration has evolved from a heat recovery methodology in the 80 s to become what a number of leading industrial companies in 90 s regarded as a "major strategic design and planning technology".
With this technology, it is possible to significantly reduce the operating cost of existing plants, while new processes often can be designed with reduction in both investment cost and operating cost.
Introduction to process integration, role of thermodynamics in process design, targeting of energy, area, number of units, and cost, super targeting, concept of pinch technology and its application.
Heat exchanger networks analysis, Maximum Energy Recovery (MER) networks for multiple utilities and multiple pinches, design of heat exchanger network.
Heat integrated distillation columns, evaporators, dryers, and reactors.
Waste and waste water minimisation, flue gas emission targeting, heat and power integration. Case studies.
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