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Civil Engineering  Watershed Management
Title: Watershed Management
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Dr. T.I. Eldho
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink

Watershed is the basic scientific unit for planning and management of water resources.

Watershed Management is an integration of technologies within the natural boundaries of drainage area for optimum development of land, water and plant resources to meet the basic needs of the people in a sustained manner.

In watershed concept, development is not confined to agricultural lands alone but covers the entire watershed area, starting from the highest point (most remote point) or ridge line to outlet or nalla or natural stream.

The main objective of any watershed development and management program is “proper use of all available resources of a watershed for optimum production with minimum hazards to natural resources”.

The main aim of this course “Watershed Management” is to discuss various aspects of water resources development and management on watershed basis.

The various sections in the course will focus on the technical aspects of watershed management; perspectives on water management; skills of analyzing the complex issues in water management and on specific knowledge on issues of watershed management.

Each topic will be developed in logical progression with possible case studies and advancements in various areas.

Some of the important topics covered in this course include: basics of watershed developments and management, watershed modeling, Integrated Watershed Management, sustainable watershed approach, water quality management, storm water and flood management, drought management, use of modern techniques in watershed management such as remote sensing, Geographical Information System and numerical modeling.

This course will be very useful to undergraduate students, post‐graduate students, teachers, NGO’s and practitioners. A number of field problems will be discussed to illustrate the concepts clearly.
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