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Electronics & Communication Engineering  Spread Spectrum Communications and Jamming
Title: Spread Spectrum Communications and Jamming
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
Author: Prof. Debarati Sen
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Originally adopted in military networks as a means of ensuring secure communication when confronted with the threats of jamming and interception, spread spectrum systems are now the core of commercial applications such as mobile cellular and satellite communications. Over the years, the most successful implementation of spread spectrum communication in commercial world lies in CDMA 2000, WCDMA and UMTS, WLAN, Ultra Wideband Communications (UWB), Body Area Networks, and energy efficient future generation Millimeter Wave (mmWave) communications. The present course introduces basic principle of spread spectrum techniques, key concept of code designing supported by Galois field mathematics, understanding Jamming environment and interference handling mechanisms. The theoretical principles are tempered with their practical significance to cope up with the interest to both researchers and system designers. Learning is facilitated by streamlined derivations, tutorials, and assignments.
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