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Civil Engineering  Advanced Structural Analysis
Title: Advanced Structural Analysis
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Prof. Devdas Menon
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: This course mainly deals with matrix analysis of structures.
It begins with a review of the basic concepts of structural analysis and matrix algebra, and shows how the latter provides an excellent mathematical framework for the former.
This is followed by detailed descriptions, and demonstrations through many examples, of how matrix methods can be applied to linear static analysis of skeletal structures (plane and space trusses; beams and grids; plane and space frames) by the stiffness method, and also the flexibility method.
Also, it is shown how simple structures can be conveniently solved using a reduced stiffness formulation, involving far less computational effort.
Finally, the analysis of elastic instability and second'order response is discussed.
The main objective is to enable the student to have a good grasp of all the fundamental issues in these advanced topics in structural analysis, besides enjoying the learning process, and developing analytical and intuitive skills.
This course is also expected to enable a good understanding of how standard software packages (routinely used for frame analysis in design offices) operate.
Moreover, the student will be well prepared to explore and understand further topics like Finite Element Analysis.

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