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Civil Engineering  Advanced Hydraulics
Title: Advanced Hydraulics
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Dr. Suresh A Kartha
University: IIT Guwahati
Type: WebLink

This course on "Advanced Hydraulics" describes the flows and properties in open channels. A total of 41 lectures are devised for this course. After attending this course, a student will be able to describe the various types of flows in open channels, the velocity distribution across and along the channel, hydraulic jumps, and turbines and pumps.

The student will be able to design the channel sections and drains, jumps, and pumps for various hydraulic and hydrologic projects.

Contents: Introduction to kinds of open channel flows and properties like specific energy, force, etc. Uniform flow Gradually varied flow Rapidly varied flow Hydraulic Jumps Flow through non'prismatic channel sections like bridges, piers, etc. Turbines and Pumps
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