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Mechanical Engineering  Microfluidics.2
Title: Microfluidics.2
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Dr. Ashis Kumar Sen
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: This is a basic course on microfluidics at the senior undergraduate and post'graduate level. It covers fundamentals of micro'scale flows and microfabrication. The course also includes design of microfluidic components and few applications of microfluidic systems.
The fundamentals of fluid flows at micro'scale including intermolecular forces, low Re flows, slip theory, capillary flows and electrokinetics are discussed. The principles of microfabrication with silicon and polymer substrates are illustrated. Theory and design of various microfluidic components including micropumps, micromixers, microvalves etc is discussed. Few applications of microfluidic systems are also covered.
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