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Civil Engineering  Soil Dynamics
Title: Soil Dynamics
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Dr. Deepankar Choudhury
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink

The basic course in soil mechanics/geotechnical engineering generally introduces the fundamental concepts, principles and applications of soil as engineering material with properties under static loading. This course on “Soil Dynamics” discusses about the behaviour and properties/response of soil as a material which is subjected to various types of dynamic or cyclic time'dependent loadings.

Also the design and analysis for machine foundations come along with this course to consider the dynamic properties of both soil and foundation as combined mass. Behaviour of various geotechnical structures such as shallow and deep foundations, retaining structures, slopes, sub grade soil below railway, pavement, runway due to various types of time'dependent dynamic loading are discussed here along with the reference to design code provisions.

Phenomena like liquefaction and lateral spreading of soil are also discussed. The advanced course material on soil dynamics will be very useful to undergraduate students, post'graduate students, researchers, teachers and practitioners. A number of selected problems are solved to illustrate the concepts clearly.
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