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Electrical Engineering  Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines
Title: Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines
Department: Electrical Engineering
Author: Dr. Krishna Vasudevan
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: This course deals with the development of mathematical models for electrical machines, suitable for transient analysis of machine performance. The course covers the following topics.
Basics of magnetic circuits ' flux, mmf, reluctance ' self, leakage, magnetizing and mutual inductances.
Analysis of magnetic circuits with airgap and permanent magnets.
Analysis of singly excited electromechanical system with linear magnetics ' nonlinear magnetics using energy and co'energy principles. Derivation of force from co'energy.
Inductances of distributed windings ' salient pole, cyclindrical rotor.
Analysis of the doubly excited rotational system with two coils on stator and two on rotor ' electrical and mechanical equations.
Reference frames ' stator attached alpha'beta, synchronous reference frame, arbitrary speed reference frame ' power invariance and non'power invariance.
Derivation of dc machine systems from the generalized machine ' electrical and mechanical equations.
Analysis of induction machine ' synchronous reference frame ' with currents as variables ' with rotor flux as variables ' basis for vector control ' small signal modelling of induction machine.
Analysis of the alternator ' synchronous reference frame ' derivation of salient and cylindrical rotor machine phasor diagrams ' three phase short circuit of alternator and various time constants.
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