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Textile Engineering  Natural Dyes
Title: Natural Dyes
Department: Textile Engineering
Author: Dr. Padma S Vankar
University: IIT Kanpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Dyeing fabric is an ancient art. Natural dyeing is back and is in vogue these days. Search for newer sources is of continued interest to dyers. Thus the lectures will offer a substantial amount of information to the students.

Newer Natural dyes'Separation, Structure, Innovative Dyeing and Application using ecofriendly mordants' will deal with description of flora available at different altitudes, their morphology, their habitat, their propagation methods. Extraction of plant part for isolation of colorant, its separation by different chromatographic technique, spectroscopic analysis of the isolated colorant, structure elucidation, innovative dyeing, biomordanting and feasible application for Industrial use has been aimed to be covered in this course along with insight on synthetic dyeing on different fabrics, however much emphasis will be laid on natural dyeing.

The new sources of dye –yielding plants will be listed by their local names and botanical names' giving details of species and genus. Plants will be identified on the basis of their high dye content so that they are economically viable for industrial purpose. With the availability of standardized procedure for utilizing locally available plants/tree products to extract dyes this would help in promoting better and perhaps cheaper use of natural dyes. More than 54 plants will be demonstrated for dye' yielding plants having consistent results and acceptable fastness properties.
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