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Ocean Engineering  Design of Offshore Structures
Title: Design of Offshore Structures
Department: Ocean Engineering
Author: Dr. S. Nallayarasu
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Loads on Offshore Structures
Wind Loads; Wave and Current Loads; Calculation based on Maximum base Shear and Overturning Moments; Design Wave heights and Spectral Definition; Hydrodynamic Coefficients and Marine growth; Fatigue Load Definition and Joint Probability distribution; Seismic Loads.

Concepts of Fixed Platform Jacket and Deck
Jacket concepts, redundant framing arrangement; Launch and Lift jackets; Simple Deck configurations for Lift and float'over installations; In'service and Pre'service Loads and analysis.

Steel Tubular Member Design
Principles of WSD and LRFD; Allowable stresses and Partial Safety Factors; Tubular Members, Slenderness effects; Column Buckling, Design for Hydrostatic pressure; Design for combined axial and bending stresses (API RP 2A guidelines).

Tubular Joint Design for Static and Cyclic Loads
Simple tubular joints, design using allowable loads; stress concentration factors; S'N curves and fatigue damage calculations.

Submarine Pipelines and Risers
Route selection and Diameter / wall thickness calculations; Pipeline stability, free span calculations; Concrete coated pipelines and pipe'in'pipe insulated pipelines; Design using DNV 81 code.

Design against Accidental Loads (Fire, Blast and Collision)
Behavior of steel at elevated temperature; Fire Rating for Hydrocarbon fire; Design of structures for high temperature; Blast Mitigation'Blast walls; Collision of Boats and energy absorption; Platform survival capacity and Plastic design methods.
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