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Mechanical Engineering  Engineering Drawing
Title: Engineering Drawing
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Prof. P.S. Robi
University: IIT Guwahati
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Engineering drawing is a basic course for all undergraduate Engineering program. Though Engineering drawing is considered as the language of engineers, most of the universities offer this course as a practical course with out any lecture component.
This course is aimed at providing basic understanding of the fundamentals of Engineering Drawing; mainly visualization, graphics theory, standards & conventions of drawing, the tools of drawing and the use of Drawings in engineering applications.
The topics covered are based on the syllabus for undergraduate studies in engineering. The course is planned to include sufficient simulations which would help the student in visualization of three dimensional objects and developing the drawing.
The chapters are arranged in sequence and starts from the basic concepts of geometrical constructions & engineering curves, proceeds to the principles of projection techniques. By the end of the course it is expected that the students would be matured to visualize any engineering component by reading an engineering drawing. A number of chosen problems will be solved to illustrate the concepts clearly.
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