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Mechanical Engineering  Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Prof. S. Chakraborty
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics and Principles of Conservation: Continuity Equation, Navier Stokes Equation, Energy Equation and General Structure of Conservation Equations, Classification of Partial Differential Equations and Physical Behaviour, Approximate Solutions of Differential Equations: Error Minimization Principles, Variational Principles and Weighted Residual Approach, Fundamentals of Discretization: Finite Element Method, Finite Difference and Finite Volume Method, Finite Volume Method: Some Conceptual Basics and Illustrations through 1'D Steady State Diffusion Problems, Boundary Condition Implementation and Discretization of Unsteady State Problems, Important Consequences of Discretization of Time Dependent Diffusion Type Problems and Stability Analysis : Consistency, Stability and Convergence, LAX Equivalence theorem, Grid independent and time independent study, Stability analysis of parabolic equations (1'D unsteady state diffusion problems): FTCS (Forward time central space) scheme, Stability analysis of parabolic equations (1'D unsteady state diffusion problems): CTCS scheme (Leap frog scheme), Dufort'Frankel scheme, Stability analysis of hyperbolic equations: FTCS, FTFS, FTBS and CTCS Schemes, Finite Volume Discretization of 2'D unsteady State Diffusion type Problems, Solution of Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations: Elimination Methods, Iterative Methods, Gradient Search Methods, Discretization of Convection'Diffusion Equations: A Finite Volume Approach, Discretization of Navier Stokes Equations: Stream Function'Vorticity approach and Primitive variable approach, SIMPLE Algorithm, SIMPLER Algorithm, Unstructured Grid Formulation , Introduction to Turbulence Modeling.
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