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Chemical Engineering  Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (PG)
Title: Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (PG)
Department: Chemical Engineering
Author: Prof. H.S. Shankar
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Reaction Engineering overview' emerging challenges' ideal reactor design equations' multiple reactions, instantaneous and overall yields.
Energy balance in stirred batch , semi'batch and continuous vessels' energy balance in plug flow vessels ' optimal design for exothermic reversible reactions ' stability and multiplicity of steady states in CSTR.
Design of packed tubular reactors' Gas solid reactions , shrinking core model, pseudo steady state hypothesis for ash layer control, gas solid reactions in rotary kiln and fluid beds.
Non ideal flow, RTD of ideal vessels, modeling non ideal flow, conversion from RTD theory, tanks in series model, dispersion model 'catalyst deactivation, design for deactivating catalysts.
introduction to population balance, application to RTD of CSTR, application to gas solid reactions in Rotary kiln and fluid beds, performance of reactor regenerator system from PBE modeling.
Design for Immobilized cell reactor, design for fermentation alcohol, design for polymerization reactors, biological waste water treatment' flow and reaction through porous media, acid leaching of rocks'liquid liquid reactions'gas liquid reactions , applications in CO2 capture and global warming.
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