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Mechanical Engineering  Processing of non metals
Title: Processing of non metals
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Dr. Inderdeep Singh
University: IIT Roorkee
Type: WebLink
Abstract: The main objective of the course is to impart an understanding of the manufacturing science and engineering of non'metals which is usually not covered at theUG level. The course deals with the study of the basic nature of different non'metals and the manufacturing processes associated thereof. The various non'metals covered in the course include glasses, ceramics, plastics and different types of composite materials.
Contents: Introduction; classification of engineering materials and processing techniques, various types of non'metals, basic nature of non'metals, properties of various non'metals, challenges in processing of non'metals, glass forming, heat treating glass; classification of ceramics, structure and properties, synthesis of ceramic powders, processing of ceramic products, ceramic coatings.
Classification of plastics, processing injection/rotational/blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming, rapid prototyping; classification of composite materials, polymer matrix composites, processing hand layup, filament winding, pultrusion etc., processing of ceramic matrix composites, Secondary processing of composite materials.
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