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Computer Science and Engineering  Artificial Intelligence-3
Title: Artificial Intelligence-3
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Author: Prof. Deepak Khemani
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink

Introduction: Overview and Historical Perspective, Turing test, Physical Symbol Systems and the scope of Symbolic AI, Agents.

State Space Search: Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, DFID.

Heuristic Search: Best First Search, Hill Climbing, Beam Search, Tabu Search.

Randomized Search: Simulated Annealing, Genetic Algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization.

Finding Optimal Paths: Branch and Bound, A*, IDA*, Divide and Conquer approaches, Beam Stack Search.

Problem Decomposition: Goal Trees, AO*, Rule Based Systems, Rete Net.

Game Playing: Minimax Algorithm, AlphaBeta Algorithm, SSS*.

Planning and Constraint Satisfaction: Domains, Forward and Backward Search, Goal Stack Planning, Plan Space Planning, Graphplan, Constraint Propagation.

Logic and Inferences: Propositional Logic, First Order Logic, Soundness and Completeness, Forward and Backward chaining.
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