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Mechanical Engineering  Vibration control
Title: Vibration control
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Dr. S. P. Harsha
University: IIT Roorkee
Type: WebLink
Abstract: The main objective of course is to present fundamentals to a modern treatment of vibrations, the control strategies using active and passive control methods. In this course, the design consideration of material selection, smart materials and vibration measurement techniques are also discussed.
Contents: Review of free and forced vibrations with and without damping; Free and forced vibration of single, two and multi'degree of freedom systems with and without viscous damping; Basics of vibration control: reduction at source, Active feedback control, vibration isolation; Vibration generation mechanisms: Source classification, self excited vibration, flow induced vibration, field balancing of rigid rotors/flexible rotors and damping models and measures, Design consideration of material selection.
Principles of Passive Vibrations Control: Basics, design of absorber, absorber with ideal spring, shock absorber, isolators with stiffness and damping; Principle of Active Vibration Control: Basics, Piezoelectric materials, electro rheological fluids, magneto rheological fluids, Magneto' and Electrostrictive Materials in Vibration Control, shape memory alloys and electro'magnetic materials; Vibration measurement techniques: Basics, data acquisition, FFT analysis and filters
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