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Chemistry and Biochemistry  Eukaryotic Gene Expression - basics and benefits
Title: Eukaryotic Gene Expression - basics and benefits
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Author: Prof. P.N. Rangarajan
University: IISc Bangalore
Type: WebLink

The objective of this course is to expose the viewer to basic aspects of regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes and explain the benefits that have accrued out of basic research in this area.

The course is organized such that the viewer will learn not only gain knowledge on the molecular mechanisms involved in eukaryotic gene regulation but also will appreciate the benefits that have accrued through the exploitation of knowledge gained from the basic research, primarily in the areas of disease diagnosis and their prevention, agriculture etc.

Through this course the instructor wishes to convey the message that knowledge of eukaryotic gene regulation is essential for understanding and appreciating a number of biotechnological applications in the areas of medicine and agriculture.
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