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Ocean Engineering  Hydrostatics and Stability
Title: Hydrostatics and Stability
Department: Ocean Engineering
Author: Dr. Hari V. Warrior
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: This is the first course for Naval Architecture students in 'Hydrostatics and Stability'. This course covers the basic principles of stability, starting from the Archimedes principle and going deeper into the conditions for stability of a vessel.
Study of metacentric height and radius gives an insight into Naval Architectural stability problem. A thorough study of the various weight shiftings which give rise to various forms of heeling are investigated. Conditions of free'surface effect and inclining experiment are studied.
This is followed by stability of the ship at larger angles of heel under various turning moments. The course then discusses about the various conditions of damaged stability, dry docking and launching calculations. A demonstration of the software 'SPAN' which performs these hydrostatic calculations will be demonstrated.
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