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Mechanical Engineering  Welding Engineering
Title: Welding Engineering
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Author: Dr. D. K. Dwivedi
University: IIT Roorkee
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Welding is one most the most commonly used fabrication techniques. For successful application of welding to produced sound weld joints, it is utmost important to understand the science and technology behind the welding. This course is aimed at familiarizing the students with the fundamentals of arc welding processes, weld joint design, metallurgical aspects in welding of steel, and assessing the quality and suitability of weld joints. Topics related with weldablity of metals (steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys of commercial importance) shall also be covered to equip the students technological input for handling the problems in welding of selected metals and alloys.
Contents: Fundamentals of arc welding processes, physics of arc, arc forces, arc blow, selection of power sources for different arc welding processes, principles of weld joint design, welding symbols, metallurgical aspects in welding of steel, heat flow in welding and its effect on the performance of weld joints, residual stress and distortion in weld joints and assessing the quality and suitability of weld joints, destructive and non'destructive testing method.
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