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Electrical Engineering  Electrical Machines -I
Title: Electrical Machines -I
Department: Electrical Engineering
Author: Dr. D.Kastha
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink
Synchronous machines: types, windings, emf equation, generator and motor operations, phasor diagrams; testing, power angle characteristic, v'curves, stability; starting of synchronous motor.Analysis of salient pole synchronous machines.

Single phase induction motor: Rotating and pulsating field, development of equivalent circuit based on double revolving field theory, torque'slip characteristic, performance analysis; Starting by phase spliting; selection of capacitor value for starting and running condtions.

D.C machines: Construction, armature windings; emf and torque equations; generator and motor mode of operations; armature reaction, commutation; characteristics of D.C motors; starting, speed control and braking of D.C motor.
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