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Chemical Engineering  Multiphase Flow
Title: Multiphase Flow
Department: Chemical Engineering
Author: Prof. P.K. Das Prof. Gargi Das
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: This course introduces the fundamental concepts, principles and application of multiphase flow.
The course opens with real life examples of such flow and its importance in process industries.
In connection with gas'liquid two phase flow, different flow regimes and flow regime maps are discussed. Next, various analytical models are introduced to understand the hydrodynamics of different flow regimes.
The phenomenon of choking is explained and relevant formulations are derived. The concept of bubble formation and bubble dynamics are presented.
The important aspects of hydrodynamics of solid'liquid and gas'solid flows are also discussed.
Hydrodynamics of three phase flows are analyzed and compared with two phase flow situations.
Lastly various measurement techniques used for measuring pressure drop, void fraction and identification of flow patterns are introduced.
Definition of multiphase flow, flow patterns, one dimensional steady homogenous equilibrium flow, one dimensional steady separated flow model, choking and critical flow rate.
General theory of drift flux model, Bubble formation and bubble dynamics, hydrodynamics of solid'liquid and gas'solid flow, hydrodynamics of three phase gas'liquid'liquid flows, Measurement techniques in multiphase flow.
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