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Electrical Engineering  Power Electronics and Distributed Generation
Title: Power Electronics and Distributed Generation
Department: Electrical Engineering
Author: Dr. Vinod John
University: IISc Bangalore
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Introduction to distribution systems, distribution system equipment, grounding, sequence analysis and fault calculations, relaying requirements for Distributed Generation (DG) systems.
Intentional and unintentional islanding, power converter topologies for grid interconnection, inverter modeling, filtering requirements. Selection of power converter components, DC bus design, considerations for power loss and reliability in the design procedure, thermal cycling of power semiconductor modules, insulation grade selection, and thermal design implications.
Control of grid interactive power converters, synchronization and phase locking techniques, current control, DC bus control, converter faults, grid parallel and stand alone operation. Power quality, voltage unbalance, harmonics, flicker, voltage and frequency windows, and recent trends in power electronic DG interconnection.
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