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Ocean Engineering  Foundation for Offshore Structures
Title: Foundation for Offshore Structures
Department: Ocean Engineering
Author: Dr. S. Nallayarasu
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Basic Soil Mechanics: Basic soil properties, correlation between engineering parameters, geotechnical investigation, bore log.
Pile foundation: Jacket main piles, skirt piles, driven piles, drilled and grouted piles, steel and concrete piles, axial capacity, point bearing and skin friction, factor of safety, lateral load on piles, p'y, t'z and q'z curves, pile group effect, scour around piles, seabed subsidence and design of piles against seabed movement, negative skin friction, cyclic degradation, main pile to jacket connections, skirt pile to jacket connections, API RP 2A provisions.
Pile Installation : Minimum pile wall thickness, pile handling stresses, static and dynamic stresses, pile stickup, stresses during stickup, wave and current loads, hammer selection, pile driving stresses, wave equation analysis, pile driving fatigue, API RP 2A guidelines.
Pile Testing: Working load test, ultimate load test, pile monitoring during driving, pile integrity testing, high strain dynamic testing, rebound method.
Special Foundations: Mud'mats: bearing capacity, sliding stability, over'turning stability, short term and long term settlements, factor of safety; Bucket foundation; Suction anchors; Gravity foundation.
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