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Civil Engineering  Modern Surveying Techniques
Title: Modern Surveying Techniques
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Prof. S.K. Ghosh
University: IIT Roorkee
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Proper planning for physical development requires maps, prepared by surveyors, showing the locations of existing features, infrastructures and nature of the terrain. The study defined surveying and a surveyor. The purpose is to show convincingly that surveying is very important in National development. Previous works were reviewed. The reviewed works showed many applications of surveying in Infrastructural Development. The methodology examined the contributions and necessity of surveying in National Infrastructural Development. It exposed various applications of surveying, and various methods of surveying used. Modern surveying techniques and measuring equipment available and in use were discussed. It was made clear that Highway Planning should be preceded by a massive gathering of geo'referenced data. The necessary materials are aerial photographs, Satellite images, Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, Electronic Distance Measuring (EDM) equipment, Total Station, etc. Ways that Remote Sensing help to make highway construction easier were discussed. The findings indicate that applications of modern surveying techniques are very necessary in physical planning and infrastructural development. The techniques make planning and implementation easy, straight forward and more accurate..
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