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Electronics & Communication Engineering  Basic Electronics
Title: Basic Electronics
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
Author: Prof. Chitralekha Mahanta
University: IIT Guwahati
Type: WebLink

1. Semiconductor Diodes

Semiconductor materials' intrinsic and extrinsic types
Ideal Diode
Terminal characteristics of diodes:
p'n junction under open circuit condition
p'n junction under forward bias and reverse bias conditions
p'n junction in breakdown region
Diode small signal model
Zener diode and applications
Rectifier Circuits
Clipping and Clamping circuits

2. Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

Physical structure and operation modes
Active region operation of transistor
D.C. analysis of transistor circuits
Transistor as an amplifier
Biasing the BJT: fixed bias, emitter feedback bias, collector feedback bias and
voltage divider bias
Basic BJT amplifier configuration: common emitter, common base and
common collector amplifiers
Transistor as a switch: cut'off and saturation modes
High frequency model of BJT amplifier

3. Field Effect Transistor (FET)

Enhancement'type MOSFET: structure and physical operation, current'voltage
Depletion'type MOSFET
D.C. operation of MOSFET circuits
MOSFET as an amplifier
Biasing in MOSFET amplifiers
Basic MOSFET amplifier configuration: common source, common gate and common
drain types
High frequency model of MOSFET amplifier
Junction Field'Effect Transistor (JFET)

4. Operation Amplifier (Op'amps)

Ideal Op'amp
Differential amplifier: differential and common mode operation
common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
Practical op'amp circuits: inverting amplifier, non 'inverting amplifier, weighted
summer, integrator, differentiator
Large signal operation of op'amps
Other applications of op'amps: instrumentation circuits, active filters,
controlled sources, logarithmic amplifiers, waveform generators, Schmitt
triggers, comparators

5. Power Circuits and Systems

Class A large signal amplifiers, second'harmonic distortion
Transformer coupled audio power amplifier
Class B amplifier
Class AB operation
Power BJTs
Regulated power supplies
Series voltage regulator
Four layer diodes: p'n'p'n characteristics
Silicon controlled rectifier
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